In Conversation With Anne-Marie Fischer

Most of her works combine her architectural studies and projects in the field of space-related wall painting and site-specific installations for interior and exterior spaces. Born in Paris, Anne-Marie Fischer is a Swiss Artist whose focus is on painting, printmaking, collage, sculpture and relief. Her educational background comes from studying architecture at the ETH Zurich and art history at the University of Zurich where she resides now and teaches at the Haus der Farbe.

Norway Series : "Crossing Finse"

IMAGE PLAYS JOURNAL : Tell us about yourself.

ANNE MARIE FISCHER : I am a Swiss artist. My focus is on painting, reliefs and sculpture. I live and work in Zurich and am in the studio almost every day. My works are abstract and reduced. Previously I studied architecture at the ETH in Zurich and opened my own office. For 20 years I ran a painting studio in parallel to architecture. Art and architecture have always been mutually stimulating. For the past five years I have devoted myself exclusively to art.

Anne-Marie Fischer

IMAGE PLAYS JOURNAL : When did you first become interested in ART?

ANNE MARIE FISCHER : My great-grandfather opened the door to the world of art and design for me. As an architect from the École des Beaux-Arts, he took me to his atmospheric Parisian studio every now and then. The yellowed rolls of paper, the art books piled up, the tins full of French wax crayons, the colour fans, wallpaper and material collections exerted great fascination on me. I found my universe in this cluttered and chaotic, but still orderly room full of creative energy!

Photo: Kuster Frey

IMAGE PLAYS JOURNAL : What helps you feel inspired or come up with your type or ART?

ANNE MARIE FISCHER : I take inspiration from my surroundings, from seemingly incidental things, in completely unexpected moments. I collect and surround myself with beautiful and curious objects, everyday objects or perfectly shaped handicrafts. I write down all my inspirations. This results in an endlessly long list of ideas, which I radically shorten at the end of each year.

Series ; Paintings

IMAGE PLAYS JOURNAL : How do you set yourself apart from other artists within your space?

ANNE MARIE FISCHER : The fact that I work with so many media and techniques drives me and makes my work as an artist exciting. The technical approach and the implementation interest me just as much as the expression. Whether painting, collage, relief or their combination, each medium has its own laws, possibilities and limits. How the tool is held, what pressure is used, how the surface reacts, all this I try to understand again and again. I spend a lot of time improving my technique.

Series : "Cut Outs", Collage

IMAGE PLAYS JOURNAL : How has the current pandemic impact your creativity from the beginning until now?

ANNE MARIE FISCHER : As an architect, I learned to operate within tight constraints. Despite the tough social and cultural constraints, I wanted to find a solution that suited me. When lockdown started, I decided to turn this fact into a positive for me and dedicate myself completely to the art. Actually, I have produced more than ever before in my life. In that respect, it has been a good time for me.

MURAL : "Out Of The Blue"

Photo: Kuster Frey

IMAGE PLAYS JOURNAL : Is there a special place that you like to visit, but have not had the ability to since lock down?

ANNE MARIE FISCHER : I am most looking forward to my next trip to Japan. I learned techniques of a 5000-year-old Japanese craft from a lacquer master. Since then, I have created a few test pieces which motivate me to continue. Now I am planning a larger series of such lacquer sculptures.

Sculptures : "Works On Wood"

IMAGE PLAYS JOURNAL : What is your ideal collaboration project?

ANNE MARIE FISCHER : For some time I have been making wall paintings. I have just completed a 60 m2 mural. I am familiar with the exchange with clients and architects. Integrating art into architecture is exciting. In this way, art brings me back into architecture. Beautiful that the circle is closing!

Acrylic On Canvas Paintings : Upr. Left ; "Talking To You",

Upr. Right, "Destination Unknown"

Lwr. Left; "L'Aventure"

Lwr.Right; "Behind The Eye"

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