IMAGE PLAYS JOURNAL : Tell us about your self.

Carolina Ahrenkiel : I fell in love with photography five years ago attending a personal photography course. This introduced me to the world of art & documentary. Since then I have earned a bachelor introducing me to the fashion & commercial part of the industry. This has influenced how I work today, because I haven’t given myself a specific genre I work in. I like to have different projects going on - both commercial, editorial and personal.

IMAGE PLAYS JOUNAL : Explain your work flow.

CAROLINA AHRENKIEL : I love having a dynamic workflow and it helps me having different projects going on at the same time. I like to be able to do research on one project, plan another and do post production on a third project. I work a lot with my friend and art director Nanna, which is a collaboration I value a lot. A lot of my work is shot analogue, so I also spend a lot of time developing and scanning film, which is a process I really love.

IMAGE PLAYS JOURNAL : Whose work has influenced you most?

CAROLINA AHRENKIEL : When I first started out my photographic journey, I was introduced to the danish artist Trine Søndergaard, who I really admirer. I am very fascinated by her ability to create these mesmerizing spaces in her photography. I have also been very inspired by the work of the dutch photographer Vivianne Sassen. I love how she crosses photographic genres with her work and I think her images are so powerfull and challenges the viewer.

IMAGE PLAYS JOURNAL : What new thing would you try?

CAROLINA AHRENKIEL : I am trying to do more casting of people I pass by on the streets for different projects I have in mind. I use social media and my connections a lot, which can be faster sometimes, but I see so many interesting people every day, so that is something I am working on doing more.

IMAGE PLAYS JOURNAL : What is the most challenging part about being a photographer for you?

CAROLINA AHRENKIEL : There are so many talented photographers in the industry today and the competition is very high. Sometimes it makes me feel a little small. But I then reflect about my work as a photographer - why I do it and where I want it to go, which helps me keep on going. Photography is somehow in my DNA today and I couldn’t imagine a life without it.

IMAGE PLAYS JOURNAL : How has the current pandemic impact your photography? CAROLINA AHRENKIEL : It has made me reflect a lot about where I want my photography to go and how I want to work in the future. It has forced me into taking some chances, which I believe is for the better.

IMAGE PLAYS JOURNAL : What is one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?

"That light is key in photography." - CAROLINA AHRENKIEL

IMAGE PLAYS JOURNAL : If your photography could travel anywhere in the world, where would it go?

CAROLINA AHRENKIEL : At the moment, maybe in light of the pandemic, I am very curious about the people and places in Denmark, where I am from. Even though I love traveling and seeing new places abroad, I feel like I have a lot to explore and a lot of people to meet in my own country right now.

" I don’t fear dreaming big, I think having dreams is amazing and what drives me. I want to keep on being part of great collaborations and also expand them, both commercial, editorial and personal. I want to keep on challenging myself and always aim for getting better. Where it will lead me is an exciting journey." CAROLINA AHRENKIEL

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