During the global pandemic in 2020, people have been paying extra attention to their hands and how we wash them. The use of the most common skincare product - Soap, has extended further. Our rituals in washing our hands have become longer and more frequent.

Photographer Tove Wall Dyrting and Art Director Jessah Amaranthe got the chance to collaborate on a still life series using hard soap bars. Creating architectural images with the soaps as elements within a sculpture or spae. An exploration of soap as an object since soap has taken such a prominent and important part of our daily lives. Many of their friends witness that their hands have become much more dryer due to increased handwashing and the soap you choose can make a big difference in how your hands feel.

All soaps used in this project are from Daisy Soaps, a small sustainable and eco-friendly brand from the UK. Their soaps are made by Ramune & Laura, the founders of Daisy Soaps. They were set to create natural products to fight eczema & other skin problems that had caused distress. Issues they have personal experience of.

"We hope to show that hard soap bars can be fun and encourage people to seek up more natural/nurturing products if they experience skin irritation from frequent handwashing."


They use a traditional cold process soapmaking method. Thanks to this method, the majority of qualities from natural ingredients are preserved. Also, the process encourages to slow down & acknowledge the power of time, as it takes 4-6 weeks for natural chemical reactions to form a solid soap bar.

Nature is the most powerful source of healing ingredients. Unfortunately, that often gets overshadowed by big & expensive brand names.

This is how DAISY SOAPS have come about – handmade & homemade soaps, solid shampoo, & other skincare products – came into being very naturally. Exactly how real friendship starts: a pinch of curiosity, a drop of understanding, & endless smiles along the way.

Set Design & Art Direction : Jessah Amarante @jessahamarante

Photographer : Tove Wall Dyrting @tovewalldyrting

Soaps by : Daisy Soaps UK @daisy_soaps