In conversation with Olga Sosiura

You may have heard the term "Don't play with your food" - sometime in your lifetime, that did not apply to Olga Sosiura a photographer based in Kyiv, Ukraine. She captures food with a humorous sense of storytelling. Most of her projects shown are quarantine born and inspired by her sorroundings.

Transpired by her artistic minimal aesthetics and cultivations, she makes use of her time curating beautiful images with food she finds at her local grocery store and objects she already owns.

Series : 'Veggie Fusilli Monsters"

IMAGE PLAYS JOURNAL : How long have you been practicing your art?

Olga Sosiura : I've been taking pictures since 4th grade, when my mom first bought me a camera. Back then it was self-portraits and I always tried to find weird things to frame.

I've been shooting modern still life style for the last 3 years. I wish I had started earlier.

Left Photo. Series: Veggie Fusilli Monsters

Right Photo. Series : Bread Still Life

IMAGE PLAYS JOURNAL : What inspires you?

Olga Sosiura : First and foremost is love. Thanks to it I have an incentive to love everything I do and share this emotion with other people. I am getting inspired by strange packages and products, labels, glass jars, the texture and color of fruits and vegetables, city markets, traveling ( I'm really missing that so much ), books, sunlight, the sea. Also I'm getting inspiration from different sounds. For example, I love taking photos during thunderstorms, it creates such a feeling of coziness and comfort inside, the photos turn out even better!

Sounds can also include the sound of the wind and the sea.

Series : Cheese Still Life

IMAGE PLAYS JOURNAL : What story are you telling with your artwork?

Olga Sosiura : With my photos, I want to convey simple truths: food is not just food. We can enjoy food visually as well. My food photos give us a possibility to relax, engage, and to have an easier relationship with life and everything that is going on. They help us to become a dreamer.

IMAGE PLAYS JOURNAL : How would you describe your work? Olga Sosiura : My work is an emotion. I like to give people positive and warm emotions.

Lef Photo Series : Veggie Fusilli Monsters

Right Photo Series : Bread Still Life

IMAGE PLAYS JOURNAL : How has your practice change over time?

Olga Sosiura : My practice has changed a lot during the last few years. Because originally I was shooting self-portraits, then there was reportage photography, after that I was also looking for myself in classic food photography (now I am also shooting classic food photos), but the most lovely thing for me is to work in the style of modern still life and, of course, with food. I practice every morning, trying to come up with different compositions, learning about light, color, new processing programs, etc. The world moves so fast, so we have to keep up with current trends. So, my practice changes every day)!

Series : ЯЙ (YAY)

Series : ЯЙ (YAY)

MAGE PLAYS JOURNAL : If this artwork could travel anywhere in the world, where would it go? Why? Olga Sosiura : If it would be possible, I would like to have my artwork travel around the world and live on the walls of cozy homes to share warm emotions with other people. I also present my work in foreign galleries, when people are running to work and stop for a few minutes to look at my photos. I'm still dreaming about sending my artwork to Greenland and ending up in some grandmother's multicolored house, making eggs in the morning and looking at my -

ЯЙ (YAY) series photo.

Olga Sosiura : @olya_sosiura