Committing to explore the intersections between the various artistic fields and disciplines. Fostering independent artistic positions in a context of collective and interdisciplinary relationships. Their works encompasses products for the living environment with a high preoccupation for materiality and experimentation.

With a minimal approach, functional aesthetic design and for contemporary living, in conversation with Paris based Studio Figures for Image Plays Journal about material enlightenment.

Image Plays Journal : How did studio figures get started?

Figures : Figures is a functional and creative studio, positioned at the interface between industry and art, in search of material enlightenment, based in Paris, France. We have design and architecture background, we met in Paris after several international experiences in high-end fashion.

It all starts with a vision: to create straightforward functional, aesthetic design with an eye for contemporary living. Naturally, our works goes to products for the living environment with a high preoccupation for materiality and experimentation.

Image Plays Journal : Tell us a brief process to your finish piece of ART?

Figures : Guided by intuition,  we need  to experiment  to create products for the living environment with a high preoccupation for materiality and functionalism, it can be with a charcoal drawing, a quick mock-up even a folding paper. A drawing, a piece of photography are spontaneous, instantaneous a way for us to present idea quickly, to get an intention. By cutting, modeling or other unconventional ways. We need to feel the material, the product. Our furniture prototypes are meticulously handcrafted in our studio with all the possible finish. For the final product, we have chosen the best craftsmen in France, with a core value to be made from the best available, especially regarding material, precision and fabrication. Available by order to have a rational and sustainable production.

Image Plays Journal : What ART do you identify with?

Figures : It’s a broad topic. Probably art with neutral colorama, soft tones which could interact with light and different noble materials. Something not really complicated at first, but attractive. It could come closer to rationalist architecture with a touch of Wabi-sabi.

Image Plays Journal : What’s your favorite Artwork?

Figures: It would be difficult to choose one artwork in particular, because each work is an opportunity for experimentation and revelation. They are all special to us. The artworks are based on our studio work and design projects. They are revealed as an integral part of the creative process. More than paintings they are experimental researches.

Image Plays Journal : What superpower would you have and why?

Figures : Maybe the power of ubiquity. As our work is usually highly influenced by our journeys, meetings and impulsion. We have so many ideas and project in mind.

Image Plays Journal : Describe a real life-situation that inspired you?

Figures : We travel or escape for a few days through Brittany as much as we need, following a light, a view, a wave or just a shade. Going wild and take time to reconnect with elements, especially when surfing, is an essential part of our daily and creative routine. A morning, the sun and the waves were there, and we were walking on them.

Image Plays Journal : What is your dream project?

Figures : Go deep on a global project, into three essential dimensions: interior architecture, furniture and texture, attract us a lot. Due to our professional background, we will be interested in working on a retail project, why not for a fashion or jewelry brand, where we will bring a calm tone is deep in the essence of our work with an atmosphere, dear to us between poetry and geometry.

Studio Figures @studio_figures