Fashion and style are two terms so often conflated as to be practically interchangeable, but they are distinctly different terms that are used to apply to a subject and then to its personal application respectively. What that means is that fashion refers to product while style refers to how you apply fashion in what you choose to wear.

Photo. Gianluca Fontana, Style. France Jerphanion, Model. Pooja Mor. (Air France)

Style is not dependent upon clothing and can be associated with anything that makes you look stylish. According to Oscar de la Renta, American/Dominican couture designer once said,

"Fashion is about dressing according to what's fashionable. Style is more about being your self". -Oscar De La Renta.

Photo. Unknown.

The fashion industry deals with the prevailing styles of the present. Fashion houses host fashion shows to highlight clothing that expresses a vision for the future of fashion. Fashion bloggers, editors, and influencers then respond to that vision with their own ideas, and retailers use all that information to sell clothes to the public.

A major part of fashion is the way the latest trends are disseminated, whether via social media or in fashion magazines like Vogue.

Photo. Gianluca Fontana, Style. France Jerphanion, Model. Pooja Mor. (Air France)

Style is permanent and timeless Fashion is a trend that makes people follow it to be called fashionable, while style is a creation of individuals that forces others to follow suit.

Photo. Craig McDean

Fashion in today's time has greatly evolved into a melting pot of everything in the passed.

Trends and their evolution has contributed to climate change. Revisiting your personal wardrobe and shopping sustainably like second hand shops in your local community are ways to connect with style as well being kinder to the planet.